Senior Chief Architect & Software Manager (m/f/d)

Swiss Smart Technologies AG (Ltd)

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The Senior Chief Architect is responsible for conceptualising, designing and creating a platform or solution in order for public organisations to manage, and mitigate the risk of crises and pandemics. The solution should take mobility and people flow aspects into consideration. The solution should be able to be part of cities', counties' or countries' existing IT infrastructure. The solution should be fully open-source and based on standards which are approved and followed by organisations like GSMA and ETSI. The application should be using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict the crises/pandemics and should alert the city authorities.
Conceptualising and designing the crises and pandemics prevention and management platform
Selecting the appropriate technologies
Should ensure that the platform will follow the chosen open standards
Motivational leader for the teams and driving the creation of the platform
The platform should be owned and operated for further development to customise and maintain it as rising needs require
Should build global teams and manage team and subcontractors
Reporting the progress to the executive team
Creating customer material and status reports
At least a master's degree in Software Engineering or Software Technology
At least twenty years of working experience in a global environment
Should have resided and worked in at least more than one country; preference will be given to candidates with work experience in Asian countries
Candidate should have proven track record and expertise in designing and building mobility and Smart City platforms for cities and transportation organisations in at least two countries
A clear understanding of crisis management protocols
Proven knowledge and implementation track record of and a history of contributions to data and interface standards like NGSI-V2 and NGSI-LD
Proven capabilities of creating FIWARE-based platforms and maintaining them
Hands-on capability to carry out software programming in C and DevOps
Hands-on experience with Kubernetes and Docker internals
Should be able to prove the involvement in open-source projects through GitHub or Bitbucket
Should have proven entrepreneurial skills and track record
Should be able to travel to Switzerland and attend interviews with our customer
Should be able to speak at least one of the Nordic languages
Shall be on par with IT management roles in Switzerland.
If this position sounds interesting to you and you are up for the challenge, please send your detailed application via email to Mr Frank Zimmermann at
Swiss Smart Technologies is a Switzerland-based smart community platform provider. We offer a full smart community platform with integrated services and customer-specific solutions. Our platform is built on and using battle-tested technologies like FIWARE technologies and ETSI's NGSI-LD standard. Our platform is highly scalable, interoperable and suitable to create a real-time application. With our extensive list of partners, we can offer end-to-end solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Transportation and Utility vendors.
We have a proven track record of deploying solutions for various smart cities, smart transportation, and smart industry. We guarantee future-proof, highly interoperable technology, high availability, in full compliance with open European standards.
Swiss Smart Technologies AG (Ltd)
Parkstrasse 36
5012 Schönenwerd (Switzerland)
Software Manager Senior Chief Architect Software Architektur Softwareentwick-lung Software Engineer Engineering Entwickler Entwicklung IT-Architektur IT-Architekt IT-Projektmanager IT-Projektmanagement Informatiker Informatike-rin Informatik Fachinformatiker Fachinformatikerin IT-Ingenieur Ingenieur Ingeni-eurin Ingenieurwesen Softwaretechnik Programmierer Programmierung SW-Architekt SW-Landschaft Softwareprojekte 5012 Schönenwerd Schweiz ax96260by
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